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Water Treatment
Treatment Plant History
The Danville Water Treatment Plant, constructed in 1924, treats water pumped from Herrington Lake by way of a pump station located near Gwinn Island Marina that was constructed in 1935. Over the years the original treatment plant has been upgraded several times to reach its current treatment capacity of 10 million gallons per day.

Water Treatment Process
When water pumped from the pump station reaches the filtration plant, chemicals are added to it in the flash mix. These chemicals aid in coagulation and flocculation, control corrosion of pipes, reduce organics, and benefit dental health. After the chemicals are added, the water is slowly stirred by sets of flocculators that decrease in speed along the treatment path, allowing particles in the water to stick together and sink to the bottom of the settling basins. The water is then filtered by nine high-rate, dual media filters which we currently use to filter up to eight million gallons per day.

Water Distribution
After filtering, the water is stored at the water plant and pumped throughout the City of Danville and the surrounding districts of Junction City, Parksville, Hustonville, Perryville, and Lake Village Water Association. Our distribution system involves more than 130 miles of transmission mains, eight storage tanks, and approximately 32,000 customers in all.

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
In order to ensure that the finished water meets all acceptable standards for drinking water, we run approximately 52,000 tests per year and have a State-certified lab run an additional 500 tests on samples collected throughout our distribution system. All testing results and treatment residuals are reported in the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) available on this website.

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