Form of Government

The City Manager Plan is similar to the Commission Plan in that it provides for a Mayor City Manager Planand four commissioners who make up a Board of Commissioners, which possesses the legislative and executive powers of the City. It differs by vesting the administrative power in an appointed official called the City Manager (KRS 83A.1SO).

For more information about the Danville, Kentucky  Form of Government, please contact the Legislative / Executive Department at 859-238-1200.

Assignation of Plan

As of the effective date of the Municipal Code (July 15, 1980), all cities in Kentucky, except for Louisville and Lexington Fayette Urban-County, ceased to be organized in accordance with the old law, and become organized under one of the three organizational plans. Cities of the second through the fifth classes which were organized under the Mayor-Council Plans contained in KRS chapters 84 to 87 were organized as Mayor-Council cities pursuant to KRS 83A.130. Cities organized under the Commission Plans contained in KRS 89.110-89.380 and cities of the sixth class organized under the Board of Trustees plan of KRS chapter 88 were organized as Commission Plan cities pursuant to KRS 83A.140. Cities organized under the City Manager Plan of KRS 89.390-89.690 were organized as City Manager Plan cities pursuant to KRS 83A.150.

Procedure to Change Plan

A city may change its plan of government if approved by the residents of the city, pursuant to the procedure outlined for public questions under KRS 83A.120. Any city may elect to be governed under any of the three plans. However, a city may not change its plan of government more often than every five years.

When a change has been approved by the voters, the effective date of the change will depend upon when the proper number of legislative body members can be secured. If the new plan results in a reduction of members, the effective date will be the date of the expiration of the terms of the members, if they are all elected at the same time, or if the members are elected on a staggered basis, when the terms of enough members have expired to have compliance. If the change results in an increase in membership of the legislative body, the effective date shall be at the time a sufficient number of members can be elected. A city shall be in compliance in no more than two years after the adoption of the new plan by the voters.

After the change, the corporate entity of the City shall remain in the same, and all statutes of ordinances in force not inconsistent with the new plan shall remain in effect (KRS 83A.160).