Main Street Streetscape Project: Update

April 26, 2019 News

Updated on April 26, 2019:

Bluegrass Contracting and their subcontractor Lawhorn Electric have gotten a lot done in the last four weeks. We’ll try to be more diligent and timely as we get farther in the project. Again we appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation. Lawhorn did demo up to 4th and Main and electrical prep up towards the Fire Station. Bluegrass Contracting placed granite curb and poured concrete for sidewalk and reached the Fire Station.

In the next weeks we anticipate Lawhorn’s demo reaching 4th Street and their electrical work continuing and Bluegrass will continue placing granite curb, grading and sidewalk around the Fire Station and towards 4th and Main. They need to drop back and finish Speedway’s second Main Street entrance and some recently approved change order work. The attached photos show example work on the sidewalk, granite curb and electrical work in progress.

The weather seems to be cooperating and with your patience we hope to complete the improvements as soon as possible. If you have any questions or comments please contact John Cassel, City Engineer by following this link.

Original post from March 26, 2019:

The weather has been good for Bluegrass Contracting, their subcontractor Lawhorn Electric, KU, and Atmos these last two weeks. Again we appreciate the patience and cooperation of Speedway, Community Trust Bank, WFL Management, Guerrant Real Estate, and other tenants around Church Street. The utility issue has been dealt with and Lawhorn is completing demo work at Community Trust Bank, then continuing towards the Fire Station. Bluegrass Contracting is placing the granite curb at 5th and Main and in front of Speedway.

In the next week we anticipate electrical work by Lawhorn and Bluegrass will continue placing granite curb, grading and sidewalk near 5th and Main.

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